Art of make up

June 10, 2017

Famous Plautus described make up with the following statement: “Woman without make up is like a food without salt.”



Modern age turned the world of make up into the art.
Every woman can wear make up, but rarely few of them make a work of art out of it.
That is the reason why I would emphasise make up artist Marijana Bošnjak, who sees the faces of hr clients as canvas and makes her own masterpieces on each one of them.





Trends are changing each day, but what is really popular in the world now is natural look, so called no make up make up.
Forget about dark smoky eyes, eyeliners and plastic looks.
What make up artist needs to achieve is to put into the firsts plan those things that are the most beautiful on each person, without completely transforming her.





Of course, each woman is born to make herself beautiful and more pretty, but do not forget that “eyes are mirror of a soul”, so, if the outside appearance is not in the harmony with the inner beauty, the question is only when that facade is going to fall off.
Check out how Marijana used her skills, talent and amazing technique with me, on the following photos.




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