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360 bar

December 15, 2017



There are some town in my life that I wish to visit again, and Budapest is definitely one of them. In the last years, I realised that half of me is a traditional person that enjoys culture and arts, while in the other half I am rebel who enjoys every song, every cigarette and I tend to love charm of both of these sides.



Sweater and pants: Zara

Bag and boots: Guess

Gloves: UGG

Fur: Chrisand fur

Sunglasses: Fendi





Some towns can be compared to various personalities and frequently I refer to Budapest as to me. As you walk the streets of this town, on one hand side you can see historical and cultural sites, while the other side offers branded and expensive shops, interesting restaurants and bars….
December is the month of short trips in which you wish to feel Christmas atmosphere in some other town. This town made me feel that as I walked in beautifully decorated streets, drank warm chocolate drinks and enjoyed many traditional sweets one can try in this town.
Prior to every trip, I always explore interesting places I wish to visit, and this year my choice was bar “360”.




The 360 Bar is an iconic Budapest rooftop terrace atop the tallest building on Andrássy Avenue, luxuriating in a 360° panorama across the whole city. In preparation for winter, the 360 Bar has filled its terrace with six themed igloos, each spacious enough to accommodate eight people, enhancing the experience with heaters shaped like fireplaces, soothing music and dreamy views.



All the furnishings in these cozy hideaways entice you to linger for a few hours; rugs, blankets, furry pillows, atmospheric lights, a small fireplace-like heater, music and, last but not least, those magnificent views. And since vision can get a little blurry depending on your level of alcohol intake, each igloo has a window that can be opened.


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