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Baker boy

October 4, 2017

The fall is back in our lives and there are new trends on our wardrobes.
Each season in the fashion world has its star pieces, while this year those are these three unusual pieces: plaid grey blazer, baker boy hat and stylish model of Vogue sunglasses signed by Gigi Hadid.



High end and high street brands, as well as catwalks are full of 60’s &70’s styles.Baker boy hat became top style in 60’s&70’s of the past century, and again it is a charm detail in the fashion scene.
Simple and remarkable, yet modern and classical, this grey plaid blazer perfectly matches this piece. 



I am a person who loves going from one extreme to the other and as I sometimes like to wear the most classical and the most definite combination, I also like to put on different bits and pieces to make that outfit all but not simple.



That is why to these two IT styles of this season I added mentioned Vogue x Gigi Hadid sunglasses and pumps that I like to call “socks on heals”.
So, use this chance that fashion world gives us now for not having rules any more and slide back to chic trends of 60’s& 70’s.


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